Top 4 Gluten Free Beers You Must Try!

Top 4 Gluten Free Beers

Gluten Free Beer


As a manly man, the very idea of “chick beers” kind of appalls me. I’m the kind of guy that wipes the stout foam off my beard before ordering my third Irish car bomb of the night. None of that light beer nonsense for me – I’m all about the hops, the malt, and the dark brews!

To my horror, one night I was confronted by a gluten-free beer – totally a “chick beer”. The popularity of gluten-free products as a health trend almost offends me, as many people treat this dietary restriction as the new fashionable diet. To those with celiac disease and non-celiac gluten sensitivity, you have my sincerest apology for the rough hand you’ve been dealt (no pizza?!). For the rest of the gluten-free-on-a-whim world, to you I say “Fie!”

However, despite my misgivings, I loved the beer! It was rich, malty, dark, and with just a hint of sweetness. This Belgian Dubbel miracle was named Green’s Endeavor, and it’s a beer I’d order if there was no Guinness available. It’s a stout with personality and enough manliness to excuse it for being just one more product of the latest fad health trend.

I decided to do research on a few more gluten-free beers. After much serious drinking, here are a few gluten-free beers I’d recommend for anyone:

1. Brunehaut Bio Blonde

While I’d never thought myself capable of drinking anything that didn’t look and taste like molasses, this blonde beer is surprisingly delicious. Made form gluten-extracted barley, it’s a solid beer choice – even for those unconcerned about gluten. With its mild flavors and its rich finish, it’s a beer you can drink for as long as the ribs are on the grill or the Patriots are on TV.


2. New Planet Off the Grid Pale Ale

Yet another pale ale makes it onto this list, though thankfully it’s a bit darker than most ales. It’s just what the IPA lovers ask for, with just the right amount of hops to give it a rich, crisp flavor. It’s an American Pale Ale that does our forefathers credit, and it’s a craft-brewed ale that you’ll have no choice but to enjoy.


3. Green’s Quest

Made by the same company that made Green’s Endeavor, this gluten-free Belgian Tripel is mellow, spiced, and delicious. There’s a bit more sweetness to it than I’d like, but it’s a beer that just feels right sliding down your throat. It’s made with sorghum, buckwheat, and rice, but it tastes like any other Belgian Tripel that I’ve had.


4. Brunehaut Ambre

Lovers of Amber ale will not be disappointed by this gluten-free beer, made from the same gluten-extracted barley used to make the Bio Blonde. Sandwiched right between dark and light beer, this amber ambrosia is definitely worth a chug. There are still 5 parts per million of gluten, but those with non-celiac gluten intolerance should have no problems with it.

Gluten-free beers may not be as manly as a good old-fashioned Guinness Extra Stout, but we can’t all enjoy the rugged things in life. For those who need to stay away from gluten, the beers above will be as good as choice as it gets!


What’s everyones thoughts on gluten-free beer? 

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